Koval Four Grain Whiskey (cask 604 - Organic)

Ron Brevstgaard
Ron Brevstgaard

Koval Four Grain is as its name suggests, made using four different types of grain (oats, malted barley, rye and wheat), all of which are organic and the casks used are Minnesota Oak (a special kind of oak) that adds unique spiciness.

Unlike most distilleries, Koval only use the “heart” and not the head or tail part. It’s ABV is at 47% and the cask we got is 604.

Koval Four Grain Whiskey (cask 604 - Organic) in the glass / on white background.


Banana is thrown straight in the face together with weak corn in the background. A slight hint of orange peel and vanilla.


The banana is again the most obvious and can be tasted completely without thinking, followed by corn and cinnamon. Slightly dark cocoa, caramel and light wood flavor follows. – It’s balance is extremely fine.


Slightly longer than what one would call medium. Banana and maize in a reasonable amount relative to each other. Hints from weak cocoa and wood at the end.

Result, thoughts and score:

Score: 79/100.

Very exciting, well balanced and round. The blend of sweetness and spice is hit very well and that it is organic will probably be a plus to some out there.

It should be noted that this is 50cl for DKK 449, – (the best price we could find when we published this post) and larger does not exist.


Ron Brevstgaard

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